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Honda Civic Type-R EP3
Hind: 19 900 EUR
Kirjeldus: SPECIAL PRICE (19 900.-) until emergency situation lasts.
Consider all exchange offers (prefer usual roadcar, motorcycle etc)

-Engine by Artman Racing (after check and rebuild ~500ss km)
-Bollverk 5speed Dog-box (after maintenance 0 ss km, CUSCO 1,5way dif lock ~130ss km)
-New clutch and flywheel
-Öhlins suspension (after maintenance ~140ss km)
-Hondata ecu + Race Technology DASH 2 display
-Martelius exhaust
-Front, left and underneath freshly painted + new protection plastics
-New heated windshield
-Uniball (new) wishbones and front suspension top-mounts
-Brakes maintenance freshly
-New large sumpguard in front and back
-Custom cage certified roll-cage
-4 gravel rims
~8-10 used gravel tires
-Interior electrical system has just re-builded and replaced all necessary contacts/wires
-Quick-install lamp-pod (4 xenon lights).
-Seats Sparco Circuit II LF (2018)
-Sabelt seat-belts (2018)
-Stilo WRC intercom (analog with extra noise filter and camera sound output)
-TurnOne flat and removable steering wheel (2018)
-Fast steering rack (2019)
-light weight front bumper
-Custom made, big cooling radiator (new)
-DASH2 Connection cable and manual in briefcase
-Homologation documents from day one

Always maintenanced after rallies, also when something needed to be replaced without “saving some euros”

Has 2 rollovers (one minor and one mediocre). Properly re-builded body, roll-cage never damaged.

Spares in addition, upon negotiation:
-spare engine (street, no rebuild)
-extra Bollverk 5speed dogbox (KAAZ dif lock) ~400km
-12 BRAID 15'' gravel rims (almost new)
-10 new Medium comp. MRF gravel tyres
-Some spareparts (wishbones etc)
-New lightweight bumpers + sideskirts

Ask for more photos/videos
Asukoht: Tallinn
Kontaktisik: Karmo
Telefon: +37256887756
E-Mail: karmo@karsereesti.ee
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